Years ago, a Dutch couple named Saskia and Michael decided to buy and invest in Fazenda Saquarema. With a lot of time and dedication and always prioritizing high quality, they managed to obtain a high level plantation with a very modern infrastructure. Nowadays, Fazenda Saquarema serves as a model and example for its neighboring farms. The lime plantation was chosen because it is a food rich in vitamin C, a vitamin that helps the body to absorb iron from food, and therefore reduces the risk of iron deficiency (anemia) in our body. In addition to that, lime helps in increasing immunity, decreases cardiovascular diseases, is good for skin care (by reducing the effects of free radicals) and decreases the symptoms of respiratory diseases. Lime has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fight diseases like candidiasis, flu, colds and infection with other bacteria. With all these benefits, the lime was chosen to be cultivated, even more because the climate of Saquarema is ideal for this type of plantation. Saskia and Michael are returning to the Netherlands, and have decided to put Fazenda Saquarema available to those who want to explore this place full of health and nature and who are willing to increase their business opportunities.






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